underWAY and Smart for Life Blog Tour: The Taste Test

Since having my third baby and for my sister’s upcoming wedding I’ve been trying to loose the last ten pounds I can’t seem to exercise off. I exercise a lot. It’s my job, but I know that weight loss has a lot to do with diet. I’m not much of a dieter. I really don’t believe in diets. I believe in healthy eating. For the most part, I’m a healthy eater. I eat a lot of vegetables, lean meats, etc. Unfortunately, I do have my late night cravings and I also eat large portion meals throughout the day.

Try as I may to cut down my portions for every meal or cut out the midnight snacking my efforts just don’t last long. So, when Mom Central emailed about a weight loss blog tour with healthy treats I volunteered and was joyfully selected. A few days later the package with products arrived.

This is what I received:

A package of 4 Acai-Pomegranate drinks

A package of 4 Grape drinks

A package of Thin Adventure Carrot Sunshine Cupcakes

A package of Thin Adventure chocolate mountain cupcakes

A package of Smart For Life Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

A package of Smart For Life chocolate chip cookies

1 Thin Adventure vanilla shake

1 Smart For Life smart crunch snack

Smart For Life smart Bagels

1 Thin Adventure Momma’s Chicken Noodle

1 Thin Adventure Chocolate berry Cereal

Many of the products I received tasted a lot better than I expected. The Acai-Pomegranate drinks were absolutely delicious. So were the Smart For Life chocolate chip cookies. I really enjoyed eating these for a late night snack and having one between each meal or instead of a meal. All the cupcakes, cookies and drinks were filling and didn’t leave me craving for more food or other snacks. If I were to follow this 4-week diet these are the products I would turn to for help. I would eat them to substitute my current snacks and to help me reduce the amount of food I eat per meal.

Of all the snacks I was not fond of it was the bagels. The package of bagels I received were complete crumbled thanks to the mail delivery, so I thought, but when Smart For Life was kind enough to send a few more packages of the bagels to replace this one, these too were crumbled (though not nearly as bad). I decided to go ahead and taste the bagels anyways. I wasn’t at all pleased. They had an awkward taste, stale bland and slightly burned. I tasted the other packages and they all tasted the same. I would not buy or eat these if I decided to follow the diet.

The diet plan itself was not a diet I would follow. Loosing up to 15 pounds in 4 weeks does not sound safe to me, but I’m no expert. Some of the diet rules upset me quite a bit too. For example, no fruits or carbs or sugar of any type were allowed at for snacks meal for 4 weeks. This upset me, despite the diet plan explanation. I’m not a nutritionist, but I do know that some carbs, sugars, and fruits are essential for healthy living, not even for just 4 weeks. The idea of eating nothing, but meat for lunch for 4 weeks doesn’t even sound appealing. I love fruits and vegetables with my meals.

The diet plan does allow the dieter to eat vegetables and meat for dinner. It also encouraged the dieter to drink plenty of water. And all the treats and drinks contain a lot of water nutrients and vitamins to help make up for some of the restriction of other foods.  Vitamin supplements are also encouraged, but the way I see it if you have a healthy diet there is no need for supplements. A diet that requires supplements isn’t wrong, but I do question a diet that restricts so much in a diet and then encourages vitamins.

I guess for a dieter that is desperate or in a hurry to loose a lot of weight quickly and is willing to stick to a strict diet with tasty treats for an entire 4 weeks, this would be a good diet. However for any dieter who wants to lose weight and then maintain a long-term healthy weight and healthy eating habits the Smart For Life and underway diet program may not be an ideal diet. This is also not an ideal diet for vegetarians or vegans who want to loose weight.

I think I’ll continue to do a little bit of it. I’ll stick to meat and vegetables for dinner (maybe some fruit in my salads) . I’ll keep drinking more water. I’ll cut down on my carbs and sugars, but not cut them completely out. I don’t have to worry about alcohol because I don’t drink. I might also pick up some more chocolate chip cookies and eat them the way the diet plan calls for and maybe even the Acai-Pomegranate  drinks to help me out.

The good news, both you and I can get a %10 discount on these products using these codes:  MCUS10OFFUW for underWAY products at www.underWAY.com and MCUS10OFFSFL at www.smartforlife.com. These codes are good until August 30th.

Interested? You can learn more about the Smart for Life and underWAY products, developed by physician Dr. Sasson Moulavi, a board certified bariatric weight loss doctor, at www.smartforlife.com and www.under-way.com.

Mom Central Disclosure:
“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of underWAY and Smart for Life and received samples of the products to review.”


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